Consultancy and Reports

Consultancy & Reports

Arboricultural consultancy and reports by fully qualified and experienced Arboricultural consultants: –

  • Tree health, amenity and risk assessment reports for planning applications. Assessment of encroachments of proposed build into the tree protection zone of worthwhile trees.
  • Construction impact assessments and tree root investigations, look at the likely impacts a proposed development will have on worthwhile trees within the development site, as well as those that may be affected in neighboring properties or in the street escape.
    Utilizing both horticultural and engineering solutions, we identify design features which would affect tree health and investigate methods of mitigating the risk of tree decline during the design and construction stages. To ensure the root investigations are non-destructive we pride ourselves on using very low pressures, specialist jetting nozzles and highly experienced root technicians to ensure root bark is retained and not damaged.
  • Trees & Footings Assessment and reporting of the contribution of trees to footing distress as well as providing problem and site-specific solutions to mitigate the effects of culpable tree roots.
  • Tree management and protection plans TMPPs are often requested by local government as a condition of the planning permit providing instruction and guidance, as well as auditing provisions for the tree compliance on development sites as per the recommendations of the Australian standard AS 4970 – 2009 ‘Protection of trees and sites’.
  • Project Arborist services for development projects to implement TMPP’s and to provide certification, site supervision, advice and auditing for tree protection, which is frequently a condition of planting permit.
  • Reporting and Expert witness services for VCAT & the Courts for hearings pertaining to tree related planning issues and conflicts for development projects as well as provision of arboricultural tree and root assessments in determination of culpability is disputes involving trees.