Root Pruning of Trees & Palms


For low volume and low access tree sensitive areas in urban environments, root pruning is undertaken using Hydro excavation NDD.  Once the roots are exposed using vacuum and water jetting, they can then the root pruned with sharp root cutting tools such as loppers and secateurs or a sharp chainsaw. For roots that are inaccessible due to their depth, they can be neatly severed with high-pressure water jetting of up to 5000 PSI.

This method allows for selective root pruning to allow for the retention of some roots which are not culpable of causing damage and allowing others to be removed. Trees are assessed for their tolerance to root pruning prior to the treatment.

Selective root pruning to allow for reconstruction of Anderson St wall – Melbourne Girls Grammar
Root pruning in preparation for transplant of large Moreton Bay Fig – Melbourne Zoo.


Golf courses, fairways, parklands

For long distances such as for golf courses and tennis courts or parklands, we use a high volume root pruning saw on a high flow tracked skid steer.  It prunes roots neatly to a depth of 500 mm. With the right soil conditions, it can root prune up to 2.0 km per distance per day.  The root pruning root saw is an ideal solution to improving the quality of fairways and putting greens through reducing the moisture uptake from tree roots. Irrigation requirements to maintain the green are greatly reduced, with fairways over summer remaining greener and less likely to die.


Palm trees are notorious for damaging planters, retaining walls, and buildings. As they grow their expanding root mass exerts a significant sideways force on these structures.  Hydro excavation is ideal for the pruning of dense fibrous palm roots, in effect creating an “air’ root barrier gap through which roots cannot grow.

Root pruning of Palm to relieve pressure of expanding root mass from planter wall
Selective root pruning for removing trip hazards allowing for paving reinstatement without causing harm to the tree.