Soil decompaction, vertical mulching, and soil amelioration with Hydro- excavation


Soil decompaction, vertical mulching, and soil amelioration with Hydro excavation

Compacted soils are those that have been compressed resulting in reducing the size and number of pores available for oxygen and moisture to sustain root growth.  It also increases the mechanical resistance by pressing soil particles together.  It is often caused by vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or on development sites where Tree protection protocols were not properly planned for or implemented.  The symptoms include poor growth, branch dieback, and increased pest problems.

The solution:

We use Hydro excavation (water jetting and vacuum) to ameliorate the physical properties of the soil. Unlike augering, it is far less destructive through not physically damaging roots. It is more effective than air knife treatments because air knives typically have difficulty in achieving substantial depth into the soil profile.  Once a grid-like pattern of holes is excavated typically 0.5 m to 1.0 m deep, we backfill with a porous growing medium to increase opportunities for root growth.

Soil decompaction of Poplars